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Our story...

MightyHumans was created to provide nutrient-dense snacks to nourish our bodies.  We believe that we must feed our bodies with the best quality food possible without preservatives or ingredients you can't pronounce!  Our products are gluten free and we source organic or Non-GMO ingredients.

My journey began when I started experiencing health problems and couldn't really find the root cause of the problem.  Through trial and error, I found that certain ingredients such as gluten and preservatives in processed foods caused inflammation in my body.  I knew I was not alone in my quest to eat better so I decided to create something that was not only good for your your body but also delicious!  

When developing my line of snacks, I wanted to integrate some of the superfoods from my Incan ancestors. Our cookies are made with organic quinoa flour and a couple flavors have maca root powder, another superfood from the Andes, used by my ancestors before battle and as an aphrodisiac ;)  

Hope you enjoy these quinoa cookies and spread the love!

Patricia Pomar